We are on a mission to make healthcare affordable and
easy to use

Flume Health builds and runs health plans for American employers who demand more. We use technology and data to align the incentives in healthcare to deliver better outcomes at a fraction of the cost

Our team is a combination of healthcare insiders & outsiders who engineered a new approach to care

We found that barriers in healthcare have prevented smart decisions, driving costs endlessly up

Providers face an unreasonably high cost of doing business, billing via claims and living in fear they won’t get paid by insurers. Some have started suing their patients

Now medical debt is the top cause of bankruptcy in the USA

Without access to their data, self-insured employers aren’t able to take action against rising healthcare costs — they’re forced to decrease benefits

Most employers experience 10-20% annual healthcare cost increases and have increased their average deductible from $826 in 2009 to $1,655 in 2019*

*Kaiser Health Report Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey 2019, pg 112

Members have more financial responsibility than ever, but there’s no way to know how much care will cost — until they receive a bill. Combined with the risk of surprise billing, getting care has become financially risky

64% of Americans admit to delaying or avoiding care in fear of cost - creating a downward spiral of poor health costing even more to treat

With pressure from clients for more sustainable plans, advisors need to package plans together that fight against rising costs. "Shopping" between carriers isn't delivering the change necessary

We founded Flume Health to remove barriers in traditional insurance plans and enable seamless, sustainable collaboration within the system

  • We pay partner providers quickly and don't require they collect huge deductibles from individual patients. They in turn give us fair rates
  • We give employers a health plan that costs 20-40% less, so they can afford to reinvest in their workforce and create a health flywheel (lower out-of-pocket → better prevention)
  • We give members a plan they can afford to use along with real-time, data-driven guidance to make smart decisions
  • We give advisors a tool to superpower their benefits strategy - and attract and retain their dream clients
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What's with the name "Flume"?

A "flume" is a stream that connects two large bodies of water for seamless, unrestricted flow. We believe today's patient/provider relationship has been blockaded by convoluted insurance contracts and restrictions. Therefore, we built Flume Health to be a plan that allows that relationship to be as smooth as butter, like a proper flume.

Our headquarters, claims processing, and member support are based in New York City

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